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"Mityclear VLR is a great product. It is very easy to use and looks great. I applied this product about 2 months ago and it looks like I just applied it today. This product is very low odor and I am glad that I do not have to worry about getting it on my hands. I love this product and recommend it to anyone who takes pride in their car. - Dan L., Abra Auto Body"


"The 3 things I like about using VLR on my tires is 1) The tires do not collect dust and no dirt sticking to the edges when driving on a dirt road or dirt parking lots, 2) They don't kick up any sling to the side of the vehicle after applying like other protectants do, 3) After driving in rain for long periods of time my tires have a tendency to turn brown and dirty and the protectant was gone. NOT WITH MITYCLEAR; I couldn't believe how good they looked after I drove home from the cabin in the rain. They still looked like I just treated them with just a little sign of staining. Just had to wipe them off with a damp rag and they looked almost perfect again. - Mike S. Hamline Auto Body"




"Mityclear VLR is a great product for the car enthusiast who wants to keep there vehicle or even other things looking nice with less hassle. Take your time the first time and it will shine right up. Dries evenly and isn't greasy. - Mitch A., Waldoch Crafts"


" I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to try your product,  VLR. I must confess I was very impressed. It's ease of application and streak free shine were what impressed me the most. It really dressed up my 2003 Mustang"




" I am writing to let you know I thought this product worked great! I washed my dashboard and put two coats on after it dried. That was 3 months ago and I haven't had to wash it since. I live on a dirt road so my car is always dusty. After applying Renew I was able to just blow all the dust off my dashboard rather than washing/drying it and instantly I could tell that it brought out the color more on the side I used it on. Since then, just driving down the freeway with my windows open  was enough to get all the dust off of my car. Great product!=) -Austin S"


" I  applied  VLR to the dash of my Ford Ranger and after more than a year it still looks like I just applied it. Living on a gravel road, it's hard to keep the interior clean during the summer, but now the dirt just blows off or wipes off clean with a dry rag. Great product and I highly recommend"


" I was thrilled at how VLR cleaned up my boots. I have also used it on my blue dress shoes and black boots. And the bottle I bought is good for many uses and goes a long way. I recommend it. -Michelle S"


"The things I have used RC3 on so far; Plant tables, cooling fan blades, Ipad, cell phone and wired phones, printer cover, card table, picture frames, eye glasses, sun glasses, chrome canisters, metal lamp shades, car windows and chrome desk lamp. not only does it repel water, it repels dust. Great stuff! Jackie L."


"RC3 is amazing! It works really well and makes cleaning much easier. I have used it on my kitchen table, the shutters on my windows and on my Amazon Fire. Everything wipes right off and nothing sticks to my surfaces. I have also used it on my stove and food wipes right off. Jean S.''




"I highly recommend Mityclear RC3! I used the product on my Harley Electra Glide and it worked wonderful. The ongoing battle with bug removal took a great step forward - the crusty dried insects were easily wiped off even days later! After seeing how well Repel worked, I applied it to both vehicles. All the dust and dirt is easily & quickly removed with little to no effort. I also appreciate the product is eco-friendly" Ralph H.

"So far I have used Mityclear RC3 on my wife's car, my truck and the front of our motor home and I have to say, the the product is amazing and I still have half the bottle left. My wife keeps telling me that her car always seems to look clean and the dust just blows off while driving. The front of our motor home stays a lot cleaner and when I get bugs on it, they are easy to wipe off with just a wet rag. My truck is black and I notice a better shine and it is so much easier to keep clean. I no longer use soap on any of our vehicles. Great stuff and well worth the money". Danny K.

I bought a bottle of Mityclear RC3 to see if it did what they say. I am happy to say it works great on what I have used it on so far. I put it on the touch screen in my truck to get rid of all the finger prints and smudges and it worked great.I also used it on my cellphone screen and I am very impressed. I put it on my motorcycle windshied this weekend but haven't got any bugs on it yet, but will soon.I hope the bugs will wipe off with a rag instead of scrubbing with window cleaner that leaves smears.. also used it on my glasses and works great to get rid of the smudges I was always getting on them. I am finding more uses for this product all the time..LOVE IT.. Bruce K.

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