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You no longer need to use cleaners to remove food spills and stains on your appliances as they will simply wipe away with a wet cloth, saving time and money on cleaners.

Touch Screens

Tired of greasy finger prints and smudges on your mobile devices or touch screens? When coated with RC3, they will easily wipe away with a dry soft cloth. Your touch screens will always be clean.


Have you tried several cleaners to remove bugs from your car, truck or motorcycle only to find the scrubbing process to be time consuming and tedious? Coat it with RC3 and simply wipe them away with a wet towel.


RC3 will withstand heat to about 400 deg. F. making it useful for porcelain stove tops to prevent food spills from sticking. 


Spray directly on the item to be treated and wipe down with a soft cloth then lightly buff with clean dry cloth and let cure. Allow 10 to 20 minutes before getting wet or re-coating. It can be re-applied as often as needed.


When properly applied to a clean surface, you can expect months of performance before reapplication is needed.

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