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Restore Leather Couch

Mityclear VLR is a high performance water based polymer coating that is designed to completely restore vinyl and leather items to like new condition without causing a slippery surface. Unlike other products that contain silicones, oils or waxes and need to be reapplied often and only temporarily make things look better, VLR penetrates worn surfaces and cures to form a permanent, chemical resistant coating that can be cleaned in the same way you would normally clean vinyl and leather without removing the coating. It's like having a clearcoat finish and it will add strength to the worn areas and will last for years. Use it on shoes, boots, jackets, upholstery, purses, boat seats, couches and much more. ( Do not use on suede leather.)



Surface must be clean and free from silicones, oils or waxes. Clean by wiping surface with rubbing alcohol prior to application and let dry thoroughly. 


Apply  to a soft absorbent  cloth and wipe a thin, uniform coat across the surface. No rubbing or buffing is needed. 

Do not use below 60 deg. F. Do not apply to hot surfaces or in direct sunlight. Allow 48 hours before washing or cleaning. 


Let it dry for 1-2 hours at 70 deg. F. Additional coats may be applied after previous coat is completely dry. A hairdryer may be used to help reduce drying time. 


When properly applied, you can expect years of service life. When areas do start to wear, it can be reapplied and easily touched up to extend it's life even further.nd edit me. It's easy.

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