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F. A. Q.

Will Mityclear VLR crack?

No, VLR is a flexible coating that will not dry out or crack even down to -30 deg. F


I have a leather jacket that is in good shape and I want to protect it, should I use VLR or RC3?

If the leather is in good condition already, we recommend applying RC3. It will protect it from the elements without making it shiny and also make it easier to keep clean.


Will RC3 work on fabrics?

No, Mityclear RC3 is not the same as a fabric repellent and will do very little to fabrics.


If I use RC3 on my stove top, will it help with food that has been bake on?

Yes, even baked on food will easily wipe away with just a damp cloth.

Is it safe to spray my ipad or cell phone with RC3?

You can spray the center of the glass and wipe it down. Try to avoid spraying directly on the speaker or microphone.


Will VLR make my leather boots water proof?

Yes, Mityclear VLR  repels water and will seal out moisture.


If I use RC3 on my car and need body work, will it affect the new paint?

Mityclear RC3 contains no silicones or waxes that would affect future painting and is easily removed with denatured alcohol.

How much RC3 will it take to do my car?

To do the entire out side of the average sized vehicle would take about one and a half to two ounces of product.

Can I use VLR if I have previously used other protectants?

Yes, however, you will have to be sure and clean thoroughly to remove it. A wax and grease remover may be needed to completely remove it if it is silicone based. Dawn dish soap and water also works well for removing most other products previously used.

Can I use Mityclear RC3 on my car in place of wax?

Yes, Mityclear Repel will add shine and protection and out perform any wax.

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